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21 Packaging Ideas You MUST See Today

November 6, 2023

Product packaging is more important than ever before. As the world is filled with more and more commodities, it's often the packaging that separates your product from others in the market.

It's a MUST that you begin thinking about your packaging as a core part of your customer experience ... because it is. Custom packaging does not need to be expensive -- it just takes some time.

Here are 21 packaging ideas that will get your creative wheels spinning -- and hopefully will separate you from the many others who want your customers. This is not an industry specific list -- in fact, it can be extremely helpful to look at what's working in other industries and adapt it back to yours.

Let's begin!

1. This box from Juicy Couture is elegant, well constructed, and the type you'll keep around long after your purchase.

2. This shopping bag creatively uses the handle in a way that is memorable

3. This box is unquestionably sleek. Enough said.

4. Packaging has the power to instantly puts a smile on your face. Here's an example.

5. You can take a product as "boring" as nails and give it new life.

6. There is something to be said about simplicity.

7. Your product is baked in an oven, why not make the packaging like an oven?

8. Take an existing flat product (like luggage tags) and put jewelry on it. You may just sell a ton of product.

9. Imagine for a moment actually receiving this as a gift. What impression would this leave?

10. Not sure boxed wine will ever exude "class", but this is getting close.

11. Jewelry in a bottle.

12. Unique shapes help you stand out (but can also be difficult to stack on shelves).

13. Making people laugh always leaves a good impression.

14. Mimicking unwrapping a gift is always a good thing in packaging.

15. Because this is just great.

16. Who said bags had to be just one color with your logo? Pink zebra seems more fun.

17. Notice the die cut resembling the shape of the product. Love this.

18. Filling a box with tissue paper is nice. Filling it with something relevant to your product is pure packaging genius.

19. How can your packaging show how your product is used?

Could your watch look like its on a wrist? Could your iPhone case look like its on a phone?

20. This boxes "slides" open. Few boxes do. A simple way to stand out.

21. Here's how you can use a card and a box, together.

So, there you have it. 21 designs to get your packaging journey started ... or to nudge you to restart your journey if you've neglected your packaging until now.

Be sure to consider ideas from other industries too. Sometimes, we get trapped in a box of our own industry, which leads us to do things the way they've always been done. Instead, grab an idea here from an industry different from yours, and use that as your starting point for inspiration. All the best to you -- now go make something you are proud to show the world.

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