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100% Hemp

Imagine if we never cut down another tree.
100% Hemp
100% Hemp
Hemp is an extraordinary plant that was once made illegal to farm in the US from 1937 up until 2018 with the passing of the Farm Bill. Hemp has incredible utility potential that stretches beyond that of consumption, just three years after farming legalization we now have 100% hemp fiber packaging. Hemp has numerous qualities that prove why it should be the primary substrate for packaging over that of trees.
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You are choosing a highly renewable, carbon sequestering, eco-conscious alternative material. Hemp benefits soil health and air quality while also supporting hemp farmers in the larger industrial hemp revolution, all while leaving trees untouched. Hemp reduces demand for virgin wood fiber, maintaining forest biodiversity, and preserving the natural habitats they provide.

The hemp plant has 5 different parts, each with it’s own benefits.

  • 100% Hemp packaging means we have the power to choose to not cut down trees to manufacture products. Meaning, we can leave the trees to provide shelter for ecosystems, promote clean air, and maintain forest biodiversity.
  • The hemp plant can mature to be harvested in as little as three months, sequestering around 1.6x its weight in carbon in this time. Its quick growth has benefits like; saving water resources, faster fiber turnaround, and leaving nutrient rich soil for the next harvest.
  • Hemp is naturally pest-resistant, meaning the use of pesticides is unnecessary. Pesticides have the dangerous potential to leach into soil as well as waterways which can have negative impacts.

We make our paper from the stalk!

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100% Hemp


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