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An infinitely recyclable material.
Tin is an easy way to eliminate single-use plastic from your packaging portfolio. We have developed several options that are available to package flower, pre-rolls, and edibles! Tin is utilized today to package things like coffee, soups, sauces, and items like gift boxes, so why not cannabis as well! Tin can easily replace plastic with how versatile the material is and with its benefits of recyclability and reusability, it is a solid item for your packaging line!
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You are helping to create a plastic-free future with this amazing material. Being infinitely recyclable, tin helps reduce overall waste and is more likely to to be reused by consumers given it's high perceived value, which in turn can help keep our communities clean.


  • Tin is considered infinitely recyclable along with other metals like aluminum, this means when it is recycled there is no loss of quality as it is returned to the production cycle
  • Unlike many plastics, tin has a high recycling rate due to its steady quality after recycling, it can be remade and reshaped easily, using less energy than when producing it
  • Tin products can be reused due to their perception of value. Tin being a metal, solid product, gives consumers a premium feeling making it harder to part ways with the packaging. With their sturdiness as well things like tin cans can easily be repurposed for multiple uses, like to store around the house items
  • Tin is an easy way to eliminate single-use plastic from your packaging portfolio. Options are available to package flower, pre-rolls, and edibles!

Recycling rates are always highest when using what is referred to as mono-material.

This means you are not mixing two materials together in the same package. Contempo’s child resistant tins are all-tin, meaning they are more easily recyclable.

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These icons message to your consumers that your packaging was created from responsibly managed materials through a certified chain of custody.

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Our 7 Preferred Sustainable Materials

Our 7 preferred materials are thoroughly vetted and researched, and all have a beneficial environmental impact. With more states passing sustainability regulations for their packaging, it’s important to stay on top of the requirements and trends in sustainable packaging.

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