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Compostable Bioresins

Certified resins that can replace traditional plastic.
Compostable Bioresins
Compostable Bioresins
Compostable Bioresins are a large family of plant-derived polymers that perform similar to traditional plastic and can be composted along with other plant material. At Contempo, we only recommend Certified Compostable Biopolymers that have achieved one or more of the certifications issued by BPI and TUV Austria. We have several certified compostable bio resins that we utilize in our packaging, depending on the specific application and requirement.
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You are replacing petroleum based plastics with a plant based alternative. By choosing our certified compostable bioresins, you are getting much of the performance benefits of plastic, without the harmful environmental consequences if the plastics are polluted. Note these plastics are compostable, not recyclable, so it's important to instruct the consumer on how to properly dispose of the packaging.

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These icons message to your consumers that your packaging was created from responsibly managed materials through a certified chain of custody.

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Compostable Bioresins


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