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Ocean-Bound Plastic

Doing our part to protect the ocean.
Ocean-Bound Plastic
Ocean-Bound Plastic
Ocean-bound plastic is material collected within 50km of the shore line, targeting communities with no formal waste management system. This catchment area was first utilized in research by marine debris expert, Jenna Jambeck, in evaluating the source of plastic waste entering the ocean.
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Studies say that by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. By choosing reclaimed ocean bound plastic, you are taking it upon yourself to help contribute to the removal of plastic pollution that has ended up on beaches and surrounding waterways leading to the ocean. Without collection efforts, these plastics eventually reach ocean waters and are likely to harm wildlife or even enter our food stream. Using ocean bound plastic in your packaging is one way to fight back against this trend, protecting wildlife and maintaining the integrity of our food stream.

The packaging industry typically uses ocean-bound plastic.

  • Ocean-bound plastic is primarily collected from countries and islands located in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean, typically third-world countries that are heavily impacted by Western plastic pollution.
  • Our mission by using ocean-bound plastic, is to cut down on the amount of plastic being introduced into the ocean by utilizing the waste located nearby the shore and waterways leading to the ocean. This way, there will be less available plastic threatening to enter the ocean, furthering the problem
  • We have partnered with one of the global leaders for recycled plastic materials and products. They are leading the effort to connect the global demand for sustainable materials with trusted suppliers

Please notice the difference between ocean-bound and offshore.

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Ocean-Bound Plastic


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